Curriculum - Year 2

Grade 2 Term 2 Curriculum Overview

J1, J2 and J4

Important Events:

CERES Excursion – Thursday 20th May



In Reading, we are focussing on building our decoding skills and comprehension strategies to become confident, fluent readers. In the Year 2 area we are using a combination of the ‘Little Learners Love Literacy’ Program and the Fountas and Pinnell Literacy Program to meet the individual needs of students. Each student is placed in a targeted Literacy group where they work towards specific goals and targets identified by their teachers. To assist in meeting these goals, we use a variety of strategies such as explicit teaching of phonics, breaking and blending sounds to read unknown words, making connections to texts we read and retelling and summarising texts. Students are also provided with access to appropriate resources to support their learning, such as the ‘Nessy’ and ‘Reading Eggs’ online platforms and a range of modern, decodable texts at their level.


In Writing, we are focussing on procedural texts for the first 3 weeks of term. We are writing recipes, ‘how-to’ guides and rules for games we know how to play. Students will be learning about the structure and features of procedural texts, while there will also be a strong focus on grammar, punctuation and handwriting. Using capital letters and full stops appropriately is a particular focus for the Year 2s. From Week 4 onwards we will move to Information Reports in our writing lessons, researching and reporting on topics such as animals, countries and people. Students are continually developing their phonological awareness through the use of the Little Learners Love Literacy ‘Let’s Spell’ program and complete a range of activities each week relating to the focus sounds.



In our Numeracy unit in Term 2 we have been looking at money – ordering and counting small collections of notes and coins. This is a great concept to practice at home by doing some ‘real life’ maths!

Over the next 4 weeks we will focus on using mental and written strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. Students will practise applying the various strategies such as 10’s facts, doubles, near doubles and counting on. Later in the term, we will also be looking at telling time to the quarter hour using both digital and analogue clocks. Additionally, students will explore the language of location and the features of simple maps.



Our Inquiry unit is titled ‘Tip Toe Through our World’ and is based around the concept of Sustainability. Students will learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle as they consider the importance of sustainability. They will conduct an experiment to see how long things take to decompose. The students will develop personal sustainability goals and learn to appreciate how important it is to care for the world around us.