Curriculum - Year 1

Year 1 in Term 3


In Term 3, our students will be introducing the Stage 7.3 graphemes and phonemes focusing on oo, ow, oi and the different letters that make these sounds. Students will be introduced to the phoneme focus through Milo’s Sound Box and will apply their understanding by decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling) words with these letter sound focuses. Students will be exposed to and develop their comprehension skills such as predicting, making connections and inferring whilst reading.


Year 1 will continue to take part in weekly language experience sessions that focus on a word of the week linked to our letter and sound focus for our Little Learners program. They will continue to write recounts focusing on structure, features and language and will be introduced to procedural writing. Students will focus on up levelling their writing for punctuation and vocabulary during revising and editing sessions. They will participate in Let’s Spell activities 2-3 times a week and will take part in Let’s Write (dictation) sessions based on the word of the week.


Later in the term we will be celebrating Book Week, by reading some of the shortlisted books released by the Children’s book council. Students will participate in activities to celebrate Book Week.



In Number and Algebra, students will continue to develop their skills and knowledge in ordering, recognising numbers and locating the position of 2-digit numbers on a number line from 0-100. They will make models of 2-digit numbers using bundles of tens and ones. Students will continue solving simple worded problems for addition and subtraction and will be introduced to division.


In Measurement and Geometry, students will consolidate their knowledge of time by describing duration using hours, days, weeks, and months. They will continue learning about location through giving and following directions to and from a place involving turns, direction, and distance. Students will use everyday language such as clockwise and anticlockwise to describe position.


In Statistics and Probability, students will draw simple data displays and interpret the data by describing the display.



This term we are learning about robots through our Design Technologies unit of work ‘Robot Buddies’. Throughout the term students will investigate plugged robotics (digital) and unplugged robots

by designing, creating, and evaluating their own based on a given design brief. They will have the opportunity to participate in the Craftpower incursion where they will learn about a variety of tools and how to use them safely when creating a robot out of recycled wood.