Curriculum - Year 4-5

Grade 4/5 Term 2 Curriculum Overview

M12, M13, S10 and S11

Important Events

Grade 4 :-


Cross Country

Wildlife Xposure Incursion


Grade 5 :-


Cross Country

Interschool Sport

Lightening Prem

Grade 5 Taster Day



In Reading, our focus areas will include predicting, word meaning in context, literary devices, literal comprehension, inferential comprehension, evaluative comprehension, author’s purpose and finding the main idea. We will also have a focus on Non-Fiction texts, which will include analysis of text features and their purpose. Our mentor texts link closely with our inquiry units. The Grade 4’s will be reading ‘Blueback’ by Tim Winton and the Grade 5’s will read ‘Swallow’s Dance’ by Wendy Orr.


Swallows Dance Blueback 



In our Numeracy unit, we will focus on selecting and applying efficient mental and written strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. Students will practise the various strategies through hands on activities in class to consolidate concepts, which are also enhanced through the use of online platforms. Another topic we will be focussing on this term will be time, where students will use digital and analogue clocks and convert between units of time.  To finish off the term we will be learning about location and how use a map with directional language.



Grade 4’s – Our Inquiry unit ‘The Blue Marble’ will immerse students in the idea that the Earth is the only place that we know of which can sustain life. We intend to view related digital literacies to broaden our understanding of the importance of sustainability for our futures. Students will learn about living things, and ways in which they rely on their environment to survive. They will also learn about the life cycles of different animals and be given the opportunity to research an endangered animal and participate in a Conservation Conference to raise awareness of the threats that endangered animals face and how people can help. This will help us to reflect on how we can be more sustainable when interacting with the environment.




Grade 5’s – Our Inquiry unit 'Think Global Act Local' will give students an opportunity to research what makes a place sustainable or unsustainable. We intend to view related digital literacies to broaden our understanding of the importance of sustainability for our futures. We are then going to investigate how we can be sustainable and help the environment at Coral Park, including looking at water saving devices, setting up and maintaining the school vegetable garden and reducing rubbish.


Think Global Act Local


Online platforms to support learning:

Mathletics, Reading Eggspress, Cars and Stars, Nessy, Studyladder, Prodigy and Epic!