Curriculum - Year 4

Grade 4 in Term 3

Important events

Wildlife Xposure Incursion

Swimming (week 4 & 5)

Curriculum Day

Art Show


In Reading, our focus areas will include predicting, word meaning in context, literary devices, literal comprehension, inferential comprehension, evaluative comprehension, author’s purpose and finding the main idea. We will also have a focus on Non-Fiction texts, which will include analysis of text features and their purpose. Our mentor texts link closely with our inquiry units. The Year 4 students will be reading ‘The BFG’ by Roald Dahl.


Our Writing text types for Term 3 include, narrative and poetry texts, and exploring elements and features of these writing styles such as, figurative language, descriptive language, punctuation for effect and sentence structure. Students are continually developing their phonological awareness through the use of the SMART spelling program, as well as, working towards expanding their grammatical knowledge through identified focuses.



In our Numeracy unit, we will focus on selecting and applying efficient mental and written strategies to solve multiplication and division problems. Students will practise the various strategies through hands on activities in class to consolidate concepts, which are also enhanced through the use of online platforms. Another topic we will be focussing on this term will be area and perimeter, where students will be learning and applying these concepts in practical, real-life situations. To finish off the term we will be learning about probability and graphing where students will look at the likelihood of different events occurring and conduct their own chance and probability experiments.


In Inquiry unit ‘Frame by Frame’, students will practice thinking creatively as they develop a simple story and characters, settings and props for their story. They will be given the opportunity to draw a storyboard that depicts the most interesting scene from their story idea and use the storyboard to make a stop motion animation. Students will be required to build a set and prop and capture images for their stop motion animation. They will then edit their animation using a computer or iPad and present their animation at our Creativity Expo. We plan to view related digital literacies to broaden our understanding of the importance of creativity and how we can be creative in our day to day lives.





Online platforms to support learning:

Mathletics, Reading Eggspress, Cars and Stars, Nessy, Studyladder, Prodigy and Epic!