Curriculum - Year 3-4

Grade 3 and 3/4 Term 2 Curriculum Overview

Rooms M14, M17 and M18

Important Events:

District Cross Country

Wildlife Exposure Incursion



In Reading, we will be focussing on increasing our comprehension and improving our fluency. To assist with this, we will use a variety of strategies including identifying the author’s purpose and main idea, backing up and rereading, asking questions while reading, making inferences and retelling and summarising texts. To improve our fluency we will practice reading with an appropriate pace using expression. Our mentor texts will be a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts that support our reading and link closely with our inquiry unit.          


In Writing, we will be focussing on persuasives exploring the various features such as, developing strong arguments with supporting details, paragraphing and using a variety of persuasive devices. We will also look at personal texts, which will include writing emails, journal entries and autobiographies. Students are continually developing their phonological awareness through the use of the SMART spelling program and will focus on a range of grammatical features to enhance writing.



In our Numeracy unit, we will focus on using mental and written strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. Students will practise applying the various strategies such as 10’s facts, doubles and near doubles, fact families, jump strategy and partitioning. We will also be looking at telling time to the minute using both digital and analogue clocks and exploring the features of a map including creating and interpreting information.



Our Inquiry unit is titled – “The Blue Marble – The Importance of Sustainability”. Students will learn about the importance of acting sustainably when interacting with the environment and the importance of looking after Earth. We will look at vegetation, deforestation and ecosystems and the importance of protecting these, as well as  learning about the impact of our carbon footprint and the effect this has on the Earth. Students will research an endangered animal, identify ways to protect this animal and present their findings at our Endangered Animal Conference.