Curriculum - Physical Education

Physical Education Term 3, 2021

Prep - Moving the Body

Students will learn to participate in new games with and without equipment. These games will require the students to be aware of personal safety and game boundaries. The sports the students will be focusing on are badminton and tennis.  These sports will help develop the students hand eye coordination, place in space and the ability to move in different directions.

Grade 1 and 2

Students will learn new strategies to work in group situations when participating in warm up activities of tag and throwing games. The sports of tennis and badminton will be taught to develop hand eye coordination along with cooperative play with rules. Students will learn to work cooperatively with a partner when practising new skills in the modified game experienced by the students. 

Grade 3 and 4

Students will learn to plan and perform strategies to be successful in tag and dodge games while involving others in the game during warm up activities. Students will demonstrate movement concepts and strategies to create scoring opportunities for both themselves and others while learning the skills of hockey and table tennis.

Grade 5 and 6

Students will learn to assess and refine strategies to persist and successfully perform new and challenging movement skills and sequences in hockey and table tennis. While working cooperatively students will learn to interpret and apply rules in the new sports being practiced. The emphasis is on working cooperatively and supporting and encouraging others in their learning of new and challenging skills.