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 A collection of 2simple software
An online assessment used for students at school
A literacy based website


A literacy based website with online books and activities
DB PRIMARY A portfolio tool that is beginning to be used throughout the school
ABCYA Educational Games and Apps for Kids
EPIC A Literacy Based Website With Online Books and Videos
 APPLE Coral Park Apple Store Tap the link to go to our Apple Store page for discounted Apple products.


TAP HERE - Student Attitude to School Survey


WORDMANIA - A Literacy based activity that students use to create words.

ABC FOR KIDS  - Join Jimmy Giggle and Hoot for ABC for kids games and videos

BBC KIDS  - A collection from Childrens programs on the BBC

SHORT STORIES - A collection of Popular Short Stories

STARFALL - A Literacy website for Junior students

WEBMAIL - A link to students email account

FUSE - A link to FUSE for Education

BBC BITESIZE TYPING - A link to BiteSize Dance Mat Typing

Avatars - A list of sites from which you can build and create your own Avatar.

Build Your Wild Self

Lego Avatar
Manga Maker


Practise Indonesian at home:


Duolingo -


Digitaldialects -