Middle School

Semester 1 with the Middles


Welcome to Semester One in the Middles, we are very excited to be back at school and learning about so many new and interesting things. We have settled well into our new routines and classrooms, adapting to the expectations and following the school values. In Week 3 we had a First Aid Incursion, where we learnt all about DR. ABC and how to call for help. The students were very attentive and were able to “save” their classmates.


With NAPLAN approaching in about 11 weeks, we are exposing the students to a variety of questions to help prepare them for the test; and we are encouraging all students to READ, READ and READ!


For our Guided Inquiry unit this term we are looking at “Healthy Me”, where students explore the importance of being healthy. Topics include relationships, emotions and healthy bodies.


In Literacy, we will build knowledge and skills about our workshops including Reading and Writing, building students stamina in both areas and deepening their understanding. In Writing, we will continue with the VCOP writing program including a fortnightly Big Write surrounding our texts types for this semester of Narrative, Persuasive, Transactional and Descriptive. In Reading, we will incorporate parts of the Daily 5 and CAFÉ programs into our readers’ workshops with major focuses on comprehension and vocabulary.


In Numeracy Workshops this semester we will continue to developing students’ skills in 2D and 3D shapes, place value, multiplication, addition, subtraction, division, and length. Students will be involved in daily number talks to improve their ability to verbalise strategies that they are using, the language used in numeracy and their problem solving skills.


We are learning a new language- AUSLAN, and the students have shown great excitement and enthusiasm in learning the hand signs and using them in the classroom. We are also looking at advancing our knowledge in Digital Technology through coding, being cyber safe and learning to touch type to help with future learning. We learn through a variety of plugged and unplugged activities. The students will regularly update their individual blog as well as add a range of work to their online portfolio on DB Primary. If you do not have a parent log on, please see your child’s teacher and they can assist you in this.


Please feel free to speak to any of the middle teachers in regards to learning that is taking place in each classroom. Enjoy Semester 1, we can’t wait to see what this semester has to offer!


From the Middle Team,


Veronica Butterfield, Mursel Haidary, Lesley Campbell, Kathy Hengel & Keisha Mullens


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