Curriculum Prep (Foundation)

Prep Term 2, 2021 Curriculum Overview


English Overview

Literacy in Prep encompasses our Little Learner’s Love Literacy program where students learn to read, write and spell through an explicit and sequential phonics program. Students develop their phonemic awareness knowledge through being able to hear, identify and manipulate sounds in spoken words. They also focus on learning the ‘Chitter Chatter Chants’ for each Little Learner’s character, participating in ‘Milo’s Sound Box’ when introduced to a new sound and building their phonological awareness skills through rhyme, syllable and onset rime activities.


Throughout Term 2, students participate in reading and writing activities that focus on completing the alphabetic code. Students continue to develop their reading skills by breaking and blending sounds in words, recognising common sight words and developing their reading fluency by practising to read decodable texts. For writing, students continue working on correct letter formation of the alphabet, recording spoken sounds, using their letter/sound knowledge to spell words and to draw matching pictures during recount writing.


Mathematics Overview

In Number and Algebra, students explore and discover a range of practical strategies for adding and subtracting small groups of numbers, such as using visual displays or concrete materials. Students explain their maths recordings through the ‘Understanding’ proficiency where they describe their thinking mathematically. They participate in Number Talks giving them the opportunity to activate their mathematical thinking, practice applying problem solving strategies and explain their thinking to their peers through using the ‘Reasoning’ proficiency. In Measurement and Geometry, students explore time and location, and in Statistics and Probability they learn how to collect, represent and interpret data by answering yes/no questions.


Other Learning Areas

Semester 1 in Prep is about students transitioning from kindergarten to primary school and beginning their primary school journey. They spend time getting to know one another, settling into the routines of the school and learning about the values we have at Coral Park P.S. During our unit of work ‘In Our Sustainable World,’ students participate in STEAM investigations where they explore and learn about actions to help sustain the environment.

In Digital Technologies sessions, students develop their understanding of how technology works as well as building their skills in using technology. They complete a variety of activities in areas of plugged learning (using a device), unplugged learning (no device), the use of robotics and the software program DB Primary.

During Respectful Relationships, students work collaboratively to recognise and identify emotions in themselves and their peers. They explore how we create and maintain friendships at school, personal strengths and ways we can care for others.