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Located in the suburb of Hampton Park and with a current enrolment of 367 students, the school community has a mixed social demographic with over 40 nationalities adding to the social fabric of the school. The school is focussed on improving student outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy, which is highlighted in the schools Strategic Plan. We provide a comprehensive curriculum that enables our students to reach their academic, social and physical potential. Through explicit teaching we aim to develop learners who strive to achieve their best and who are socially competent. A strong sense of connectedness is promoted and emphasised throughout the school community. Importance is placed on setting high expectations for all learners, valuing our cultural heritages, respecting others and taking responsibility for one’s own learning and positive behaviour choices. Coral Park is dedicated to providing a wide variety of programs designed to ensure learning is enjoyable, engaging and relevant for all students.


Coral Park Primary School is located within the residential community of Hampton Park, approximately 10 kms southeast of Dandenong and 40 kms southeast of the Melbourne CBD. The school was established in 1991.

Address: 145 Coral Drive, Hampton Park Victoria 3976



Coral Park Primary School provides a safe and inclusive learning environment that inspires students to reach their potential and prepares them to be valued citizens of the wider community.




  • By being inclusive and safe
  • By understanding rights and their impact
  • By caring for thoughts, feelings and belongings



  • By knowing expectations
  • By showing up on time and being ready to learn
  • By being accountable for our actions and choices



  • By being motivated to learn and succeed
  • By knowing the next step in our learning
  • By setting and reflecting on goals



  • By being willing to take risks
  • By being a problem solver
  • By being able to regulate our emotions

The school consists of 20 classrooms (3 preps, 5 juniors, 5 middles, 4 seniors). Our main building houses 10 classrooms, the library, the arts room, staff room and administration areas.  Another two classrooms are housed in a building connected to the main building by covered walkway and also includes a canteen and gymnasium. We also have 8 classes in four relocatable buildings and a built Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC). 

The school grounds include a wide variety of playground facilities.  We have a large oval, two soccer pitches, two basketball courts and large shaded play areas for both active and passive play.  We have student gardening clubs that are actively encouraged in their endeavours to help maintain our grounds, parents are encouraged to help out too. We also have the MPC for numerous activities including Sports, Science, Music lessons and Fun and Fitness.


The school has a steady enrolment of approximately 367 students and staff of around 36.  Our staff network with neighbouring schools to share ideas and pride themselves on their continued professional learning.  The teaching staff,  together with our highly valued education support staff, provide a comprehensive and engaging curriculum that caters for all levels of achievement.


Parent involvement is highly valued at Coral Park Primary School. We welcome parent involvement in school activities and in classrooms. A group of parents meet in the staffroom each Wednesday morning for coffee and a chat whilst helping with laminating and making school resources. They also organise the school fundraising activities and provide feedback on ideas and programs.

Parents are invited to attend many events throughout the year including our fortnightly Friday afternoon assemblies.  Parents are very active on School Council.  We encourage parents and grandparents to assist in the classroom, on excursions, during sports days and to attend school events. Each week our senior students broadcast the Coral News which is a 10 minute show that includes school news, updates and reminders. Coral Star News and the School Assemblies are available for view from the School Website.