Principal's Welcome

On behalf of the staff and school council, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all children and parents of the school and to those beginning their educational association with Coral Park Primary School.  I am extremely proud and honoured to be the Principal of this wonderful school.  Every day I cherish the opportunity to assist in the development of our most precious resource – our children.


I challenge the status quo by thinking differently, so that the students of Coral Park Primary get the best possible education. Because we value each child, they are supported in achieving their full potential. Just as each child is an individual with their own character and needs, so too, their educational growth  is also unique.


Great teachers understand that students aren’t interested in finding out how much a teacher knows until they find out how much a teacher cares. Our staff understand that true education involves more than just teaching the mind – it begins with reaching the heart.


The first day at a new school can be a daunting experience not only for students, but also for parents and guardians and for that matter new staff. At Coral Park we know and understand the positive impact of making friends, being greeted with a friendly smile at the gate, having someone to go to with a question and just feeling that sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves.


Coral Park Primary is an innovative and welcoming school. I invite both you and your family to experience it for yourselves. Please call our Office and schedule a visit. Walk the grounds, sit in on a class, listen to conversations between our students and staff.  I believe you will recognise, just as I did, what makes Coral Park a great school for your child and your family.


Justin Blake Thompson



Mr. Justin Thompson, Principal Coral Park Primary School