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Welcome to 2023

Welcome to 2023. This article has a quick guide for parents at Coral Park Primary school.

COVID 19 Updates

In response to the COVID 19 Pandemic, the school will use the website as one of many platforms to communicate with parents.  Click here for our latest update.

Coral Park School Assembly Week 5 Term 4 2022

Please join us for our school assembly for week 5, term 4 2022. We have lots of awards, great songs by the band, a message from Mr. Thompson and house and attandence awards.

School Band Performance at St Christophers School 2022

The school band went on the road and played a fantastic set of their favourite songs at St Christopher's Primary School. Many thanks to St Christopher's who were such lovely hosts and to Mr M for organising the day.

End of Term School Concert with the Coral Park Band - Mr M's Final Edit

The band and Mr M have recorded a concert to showcase all the amazing work they have done this term. Come and join us for this special performance.