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School Assembly Week 10 Term 3 2022

It was footy day and the last day of term at Coral Park Primary School. Please join us for the band, Mr Thompson, awards, attendance and house points.

End of Term School Concert with the Coral Park Band - Mr M's Final Edit

The band and Mr M have recorded a concert to showcase all the amazing work they have done this term. Come and join us for this special performance.

School Assembly Week 6, Term 3, 19th August 2022

As Mr Thompson was away, so Pania has delivered this weeks message. There are awards, attendance and house points. The band plays some old favorites and we also have a student with 200 days reading so far this year in the Principals reading challenge.

COVID 19 Updates

In response to the COVID 19 Pandemic, the school will use the website as one of many platforms to communicate with parents.  Click here for our latest update.

Coral Star News Edition 2, 3rd August 2022

Please join us for Coral Star News from S15 and S16. Hear about the new tutor Nathan, basketball, art and caring for your iPad. Thanks to Aryan, Diana, Deacon, Jamacah, Jake, Noah, Khadijah, Nastaran, Troy and Taase.

Be Safe Around School

Being safe at school pickup and drop off times is important. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the road rules around school zones and ensure road safety at these times.